Village Voice’s 5th Annual Choice Eats

I can’t believe it…another Choice Eats has come and gone!

In a previous post, I had mentioned that this year would be my third time going. However, I was looking back at some old stuff I had saved from previous events, and I realized that I had miscounted. This year was my FOURTH year. I’ve missed only one out of the all the Choice Eats events. It seems like just yesterday I attended my very first Choice Eats…time really does fly!

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Jour du Macaron/Macaron Day (FREE macarons!)


The macaron (the French kind), not macaroon (the coconut kind), has become one of my favorite desserts in the past few years. I’m not much of a sweets person, and that’s why I think these delicate sandwich cookies are so appealing to me. They’re light and not too sweet unlike many desserts.

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FREEBIE ALERT » Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

MasterCard Priceless New York

If you’re a MasterCard holder and live in New York City, you can get a FREE box of Valentine’s Day chocolates from Godiva. Just head over to the Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle and make any purchase with your MasterCard (any amount…even $.01!) from a Time Warner Center retailer (I went to Whole Foods).

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