ALERT » Ben & Jerry’s Taste the Lin-Sanity!



Word on the street is that a Ben & Jerry’s shop in Boston recently created a new, limited edition flavor dedicated to Jeremy Lin. As you can see from the photo by @BostonTweet, it’s a combination of vanilla frozen yogurt, lychee honey swirls, and fortune cookie pieces.

I haven’t gone Lin-sane (the first and last time I’ll make a “Lin” pun, promise) like the rest of the country, but I’m interested in what this tastes like. Unfortunately, this limited edition flavor is only available in Boston at the moment. So if you have friends who live in and around Boston, tell them to hook you up!

Follow @BenJerryBoston to find out how you can get some!

Check out a review from Dime: Ben & Jerry’s Jeremy Lin Ice Cream


Lemons. And limes. And oranges. Oh my!

Ah, cupcakes. New York City is well known for its numerous shops and bakeries dedicated to this dessert. We all have our favorites…Magnolia, Buttercup, Crumbs, Billy’s, Sprinkles. The list goes on and on.

Initially, after moving to NYC, I enjoyed trying out these places for the very first time. After a while, though, I got sick of cupcakes. So when my friend, Brian, and I decided to have a cross-blog hangout and he suggested making cupcakes, I was hesitant at first. However, I knew that this was part of his 25 for 25 List, a personal project to complete 25 things before he turns 26, so I agreed to go along with it.

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UPDATE » Daniel Boulud likes Frito pie!


Looks like I’m not the only one who reported on Daniel Boulud’s first Frito pie experience. More details have been revealed by Food Republic:

“That was my first Frito pie experience ever. You talk about technique. You just rip open the bag and pour the chili right on top with sour cream and jalapeño. It is something. The chili was fantastic. When I arrived at Giants Stadium, I walked over a bridge and saw this remarkable scene. Smoke was everywhere from the fires. It was unreal. ”

–Daniel Boulud


DB plans to share his newfound appreciation of Frito pie when he’s in France too.

Check out the full article by Food Republic here: Daniel Boulud Big Ups Frito Pie

Daniel Boulud eats Frito pie?!

On New Year’s Day, I was checking my Twitter feed, and I came across a tweet that surprised me so much it made me laugh out loud. Here’s what it said and the photo that was attached:



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