Probably not so “new” news

I’ll admit it. I’ve used a Paula Deen recipe here and there. Just last night, I tried out her recipe for “Angel Biscuits.” They were so light and fluffy…almost heavenly.

Har har.


If the news hasn’t reached you yet, Paula Deen is about to reveal that she has diabetes. There’s been speculation for some time, but never any confirmation of it…until now. Looks like she’s struck a deal with a pharmaceutical company to be the spokeswoman of a drug she’ll take to treat her diabetes.

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UPDATE » Daniel Boulud likes Frito pie!


Looks like I’m not the only one who reported on Daniel Boulud’s first Frito pie experience. More details have been revealed by Food Republic:

“That was my first Frito pie experience ever. You talk about technique. You just rip open the bag and pour the chili right on top with sour cream and jalapeño. It is something. The chili was fantastic. When I arrived at Giants Stadium, I walked over a bridge and saw this remarkable scene. Smoke was everywhere from the fires. It was unreal. ”

–Daniel Boulud


DB plans to share his newfound appreciation of Frito pie when he’s in France too.

Check out the full article by Food Republic here: Daniel Boulud Big Ups Frito Pie

Daniel Boulud eats Frito pie?!

On New Year’s Day, I was checking my Twitter feed, and I came across a tweet that surprised me so much it made me laugh out loud. Here’s what it said and the photo that was attached:



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