Any time is a good time for cake!

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Village Voice’s 5th Annual Choice Eats

I can’t believe it…another Choice Eats has come and gone!

In a previous post, I had mentioned that this year would be my third time going. However, I was looking back at some old stuff I had saved from previous events, and I realized that I had miscounted. This year was my FOURTH year. I’ve missed only one out of the all the Choice Eats events. It seems like just yesterday I attended my very first Choice Eats…time really does fly!

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A Course in Beef (WARNING: Vegetarians look away!)

In the back of my mind, I always felt that one of the things I lacked as a cook was a proper knowledge of meat—in particular, how to break down something and the different types of cuts. Of course, I’m never going to slaughter my own beef (unless it’s the end of the world and zombies start appearing—any Walking Dead fans out there?). I was thinking more like chicken or duck.

However, when the opportunity to take a course on beef opened up at the Institute of Culinary Education, also known as ICE, I couldn’t resist. The course was called Back to Basics: A Full Side of Beef. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a “hands-on” course, so the attendees didn’t get to do any butchering (probably the reason why it was affordable). Despite that, it was still enjoyable.

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