About the Blog

It’s all about food—need I say more?

But if you really must know…

I love to eat. I love to cook. I love talking about food. I love reading about food. Fun for me is checking out new restaurants and going to food festivals. I rarely get star-struck when meeting actors or musicians, but I’m in awe when I see a chef. After chronicling much of my recent food adventures on Facebook and Twitter, my friends encouraged me to create this blog. My intention is to share with you the things I find interesting, and my hope is that you’ll find them interesting too.

What kind of posts can you expect?

Well…expect lots of photos. I’m a visual person, and I think the best impact will be made with a photo rather than reading about it. I’ll post about my experiences dining out like at restaurants, food trucks, and food festivals. If I read about something interesting on the Internet, I’ll share it with you on my blog too. However, I think the majority of the posts, at least for now, will be about cooking at home, the place where it all started for me.


The Curious Cook wants to hear from you!

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