Village Voice’s 5th Annual Choice Eats

I can’t believe it…another Choice Eats has come and gone!

In a previous post, I had mentioned that this year would be my third time going. However, I was looking back at some old stuff I had saved from previous events, and I realized that I had miscounted. This year was my FOURTH year. I’ve missed only one out of the all the Choice Eats events. It seems like just yesterday I attended my very first Choice Eats…time really does fly!

Once again, I attended the Village Voice tasting event with my friend Sarah T. She has gone with me to EVERY Choice Eats since 2008. We have such a good system that I couldn’t imagine ever going with anyone else. The key is NOT to eat an entire sample…however small it may be. Instead, Sarah and I split every plate (there ARE over 60 restaurants after all). However, there will be an occasional dish or two that we want all to ourselves, and that’s okay.


There are TOO MANY photos to post all the thumbnails, so please click on the image below to browse through my photos from Choice Eats. FYI…the restaurant names are in the title, and the dish descriptions are below the image.

Even though I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, I think I enjoyed the desserts more than the savory dishes this year. A few notables are Culture and Kumquat Cupcakery.


Check out the making of Dirt Candy’s Tomato Chipotle Cotton Candy:


Last year, Choice Streets was part of the main event, but I guess there are so many trucks nowadays that it warranted its own separate event. When Choice Eats tickets went on sale earlier this year, I purchased a combo Choice Eats/Choice Streets package at a discount price. Unfortunately, tickets are sold out if you haven’t gotten them already.


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