Jour du Macaron/Macaron Day (FREE macarons!)


The macaron (the French kind), not macaroon (the coconut kind), has become one of my favorite desserts in the past few years. I’m not much of a sweets person, and that’s why I think these delicate sandwich cookies are so appealing to me. They’re light and not too sweet unlike many desserts.

Another reason why I’m a bit obsessed with macarons these days is because I am SO over cupcakes. I have been for a while. When I first moved to NYC, it didn’t take long for me to realize how big of a following the cupcake had here. They’re still going strong even though it’s been six years since I moved to NYC. There are even plans for cupcake ATMs to be installed (pictured below)!


Even though it looks like the cupcake will be sticking around for a while, I’m glad to see that the macaron has increased in popularity lately.

Jour du Macaron, in its seventh year, was originally created by Pierre Hermé in Paris and is celebrated yearly on March 20. Macaron Day was brought to NYC by François Payard in 2010 and adopted the same date as its French cousin.

Now that you know the official date, mark your calendars because over 20 bakeries across NYC will be handing out free macarons this Tuesday! If you enjoy your complimentary macaron, buy a few more for the road or to share with friends—many of the participants are donating a portion of the day’s macaron sales to City Harvest.


Also, there’s a special giveaway as part of the Macaron Day festivities. Pick up a punch card and visit 12 of the participating locations (doesn’t include Macaron Café locations), and you’ll receive a complimentary 6 piece assorted macaron box from François Payard Bakery! Learn more about the special promotion here.

I hope everyone goes out and visits at least one bakery this Tuesday…don’t forget, March 20. Also, I would love to hear about your macaron experience. Send me your photos and comments—perhaps I’ll post them here on my blog! You can email me here.

More Macaron

Check out the recent interview with François Payard at the Village Voice: François Payard on Why Macarons Are Way More Awesome Than Cupcakes

Unfamiliar with the macaron? Check out this informative article at Serious Eats: Introduction to French Macarons


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