Prepare Yourself: Red Velvet…Pancakes?!

I don’t often post within a few hours of cooking a dish, but this was something I was excited to put up as soon as I could. For brunch today, I made red velvet pancakes from a recipe I found on Food Republic.

Unintentionally, the rest of my brunch items were also in the red color range. Oh well…red IS a lucky color in the Vietnamese/Chinese culture after all.

The recipe ended up using the ENTIRE brand new bottle of red food coloring I bought. As you can see, the batter was REALLY red.

All the pancakes turned out a deeper color, almost burnt-looking, once cooked.

No matter what I did, I couldn’t get the pancakes to look like the ones on Food Republic.


I think the recipe needs a few minor tweaks in my opinion, but I still enjoyed them. A couple of people joined me for brunch, my roommate and a friend, and they seemed to enjoy them even more than I did. So what more can you ask for?

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RECIPE: Food Republic’s Red Velvet Pancakes


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