FREEBIE ALERT » Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

MasterCard Priceless New York

If you’re a MasterCard holder and live in New York City, you can get a FREE box of Valentine’s Day chocolates from Godiva. Just head over to the Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle and make any purchase with your MasterCard (any amount…even $.01!) from a Time Warner Center retailer (I went to Whole Foods).

You’ll receive a heart-shaped box the size of your palm containing a mix of milk and dark chocolates (heart in the palm of your hands…anyone? *ba-dump-dump*). The cover of the box is quite nice—a combination of embossment, debossment and foil stamp. Can you see my graphic designer side coming out?

If you’re interested in getting YOUR free Godiva chocolates, check out the details here!

One last thing…

If you haven’t heard about MasterCard’s Priceless New York campaign, you should check it out. They’ve been hosting a variety of promotions like free Christmas gift-wrapping, cab rides, and other product samples this past year. One of my favorites was their free food truck lunch giveaway for the entire month of November.

In addition to the Godiva chocolate, I also got a complimentary Time Warner Center-branded reusable tote.

I love free stuff.


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