One evening, I came across an episode of United Tastes of America on the Cooking Channel, and it was all about dumplings from different cultures. I couldn’t resist watching the entire program since I LOVE dumplings. One type the host talked about was the pierogi, and they visited a New York City restaurant that was well-known for them—Veselka.


Coincidentally, a few days after the show aired, Veselka was mentioned in a tweet by comedian Jim Gaffigan, whom I follow on Twitter. He had posted a photo of fried pierogi, and they looked awesome. That was it…I HAD to visit Veselka!

Another few days after that, I had plans to watch a movie with a friend near Union Square. It was dinner time by the time we got out of the movie theater, and we decided to grab something to eat. My friend asked if I had anything in mind, and guess what was close by…Veselka!

Veselka: Website, Facebook, Twitter


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