Daniel Boulud eats Frito pie?!

On New Year’s Day, I was checking my Twitter feed, and I came across a tweet that surprised me so much it made me laugh out loud. Here’s what it said and the photo that was attached:


Source: Twitter.com/DBNewYorkNY

I was in astonishment.

From that short message, I knew that the esteemed Daniel Boulud was about to eat or had eaten a Frito pie. A Frito pie!

I bet some of you are wondering…”What’s a Frito pie?” For northerners, you’ve probably never heard of it. Or, even if you did, you’ve probably never had it. For anyone that grew up in the south, or at least Texas, it’s the stuff of childhood memories. Basically, you take Fritos, top it with chili, cheese, and other condiments (onions, jalapenos, sour cream…maybe?) and you’ve got yourself a Frito pie.

Try it some time!

– Trang


One thought on “Daniel Boulud eats Frito pie?!

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