Life of a Foodie: Adventures in…Blogging?

Let’s make one thing clear: I am not a writer. NOT.

Why, then, did I decide to start a blog? One word: FOOD.

I can’t pinpoint when I realized it, but I’m a complete and utter foodie. I love to eat. I love to cook. I love reading about food. I love checking out new restaurants and attending food events. I rarely get star-struck with actors or musicians, but I’m in awe when I see or meet a chef. After chronicling much of my recent food adventures on Facebook and Twitter, my friends encouraged me to create this blog.

As this is my first official post and the blog is in its infancy, I thought I would keep things short and simple (EDIT: okay, maybe not short). Not only are we celebrating the launch of my new blog, but it’s also the first day of the new year. In order to get an idea of what’s to come in 2012, it’s only appropriate to look back at 2011. What better way to share my food adventures with you than through the art of photography.

So I present to you… 2011, A Year of Food in Review:

A feast for the eyes, don’t you agree?

I hope the photos have left you (and your stomach) coming back for more. I invite you to follow along…to follow me and my life as a foodie.

Thanks so much for visiting CKTC, and a happy new year to you!

– Trang aka The Curious Cook


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